Slot machine test: Scrooge

The story of Scrooge is known around the world and comes from the pen of the British author Charles Dickens. Known in this country, especially as the Christmas story in which the crotchety Uncle Scrooge by three spirits before Christmas day is visited and he changes his mind about the people and the party. A true classic which perfectly comes also as a slot machine. The game of Quickfire fits best if it is cold outside and actually is the celebration of love. But no matter when you play it, you will always encounter good odds and above all unique bonus features. For example, there is a calendar to the begins one and you are then rewarded with free spins. The entire work very successfully transposed into the design so that it is a real pleasure. And of course, playing with the theme also distinguishes itself from other slots for Christmas.

You can play the Scrooge slot game in the CasinoEuro what is a possibility. As a registered customer, you have the option to load money to your account to play missions. Then of course also real money winnings can results in, if you've got the luck of the feast on your page. Alternatively you can play Scrooge for free, what is at least as much fun, but just can not end in real profits.

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Scrooge play online

Much fun, to play Scrooge, which is due to the design of the machine. They are really dedicated to the implementation of the theme and created as unique game. Of course nothing is given also in Scrooge you, but maybe you're lucky and a few good-natured spirits will help you along the way. The symbols themselves, there is no shortage as precisely the characters from the story will appear on these. If these now still side by side form a series, you can't be happy about a Christmas present.

Total up to 50 pay lines are most Scrooge slot game available, which can enable you complete all or even less. Because you pay a usage for each line, you should carefully consider what number you want to play. The same is true also for your use, which largely controls, what profit heights you can imagine in Scrooge. High usage means also high profit potential, even if it changes nothing on your chances even. There are also bonus features, with which you can win away from the line.

Slot game symbols in the Scrooge online slot

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Nice on the Scrooge slot game that he has completely their own symbols and thus the subject has been implemented even more beautiful. It starts with some effects such as, for example, a keys, money and a watch. This is followed by a book, more money and a safe. All sign of Scrooges old lifestyle. This is followed by the characters of the story. There's the little sick Timmy, Scrooges old colleague, the three spirits of the past, present and the future Christmas, Scrooge himself, and also the famous Door Knocker, which may lack in any adaptation of the substance. The logo is wild and doubles also wins. The door knocker can lead to a further bonus game. Free games are collected on the corresponding icon and then once unlocked, as soon as the calendar is up to begins.

Slot machines instructions by Scrooge

Even if not just Christmas, knows how very to like Scrooge. This is due to the different functions that you can however take no direct influence. But knowing is important to you, that spins played last set used are. As it is a calendar in Scrooge, you can set yourself about it. But of course it is advisable anyway, not too low-stakes to play with, if you should win.

Conclusion to the Scrooge test

Perhaps also in this online slot machines you can see why this story is such a classic. Because even with symbols on the reels it does not lose its charm. It's also the successful implementation, which includes both design and features, so Scrooge is a game worth definitely.